To volunteer is to be inspired!

I thank life, grateful that Accueil Bonneau has crossed my path. In a world where everything goes so fast, receiving so much human warmth, it’s so inspiring and motivating! To be part of this big family is a priviledge. It seems like I am the one giving, but really, I am the lucky one who is receiving so much!

I am proud to volunteer at Accueil Bonneau!
— Danielle Lafrenière, volunteer since 2008
Danielle Lafrenière, volunteer

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EXAMPLES of volunteer experiences at accueil Bonneau

Dining Room

The Accueil Bonneau’s dining room is open every single day of the year. We are always looking for assistant cooks, dishwashers, servers, etc. 

Clothing Depot

The depot where clothing and shoes are distributed allows a direct and sincere rapport with the Accueil Bonneau’s clientele. Come enrich your life through contact with Montreal’s homeless people.


Are you retired, studying, or still working as a hairdresser? The Accueil Bonneau needs your hairdressing skills to freshen up our clientele and help them recover their sense of pride.


Shoes and boots are among the most important donations for the homeless people who frequent the Accueil Bonneau. If you know how to mend shoes back into shape, we need your services.

Expert Volunteers and Interns

At the Accueil Bonneau, we can give you the opportunity to make full use of your professional expertise. Whether you are in training, still active, or retired, if you have an expertise in IT, plumbing, cooking, social work, driving, or in the fields of health or social services, then we definitely need your help.

Reception | Administration

Efficient and empathetic people must be present at all times to welcome visitors to the Accueil Bonneau. If you think that you are fit to work at the day centre and waiting room, or answer calls directed at the administrative offices, this is your perfect opportunity to get involved!

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A corporative volunteer experience : Keurig Canada

Julie Arcand and coworker (center) with Marielle Choquette and Aline Bourcier from Accueil Bonneau.

Julie Arcand and coworker (center) with Marielle Choquette and Aline Bourcier from Accueil Bonneau.

CAFE Ambassador Julie Arcand, a Keurig key accounts manager, wanted to do something to help and began volunteering to serve meals at Accueil Bonneau, a homeless services organization. Arcand was inspired by Accueil Bonneau’s approach and history: since 1877 the organization has been providing meals, support, and hope for a better life to Montrealers facing homelessness. Volunteers are crucial to Accueil Bonneau’s meal program.

As a CAFE Ambassador, Arcand shared the volunteer opportunity with her colleagues and created a formal partnership between Keurig and Accueil Bonneau. In fiscal 2016, about 48 employees volunteered at the organization, contributing 500 hours of CAFE Time.

“Once my colleagues saw what Accueil is doing, they were moved by the organization’s compassion and wanted to help,” she says. The volunteer project has the added benefit of helping employees understand the causes, misconceptions, and solutions related to the complex issue of homelessness.

Keurig employees ready to serve dinner at Accueil Bonneau.

Keurig employees ready to serve dinner at Accueil Bonneau.

Arcand is passionate about her role as a CAFE Ambassador, saying: “I feel very grateful to participate in the program. It’s amazing to help people get involved in causes that resonate with them on a personal level.”

“We are very thankful for the support and compassion that CAFE volunteers bring to the guys we help everyday. An organization like ours would not function without the help of organizations like yours! Your smiles give warmth and hope to a better future, ”adds Aubin Boudreau, general director at Accueil Bonneau.