Social reintegration, knowledge and employment

In collaboration with CREP, Accueil Bonneau offers a professional integration program as defined by the MEESR (ministère Éducation, Enseignement supérieur et Recherche), which targets self-awareness, knowledge-building and skills development, gaining professional experience, job search and retention. Accueil Bonneau offers more than 20 differents jobs which allow participants to renew with the labor market and gain some experience, working 20 hours per week and attending development workshops, all under the supervision of a teacher from CREP (PAAS Action). 

Gaétan, Pierre et Alain, préposés de milieu  ©  Lisa-Marie Savard

Gaétan, Pierre et Alain, préposés de milieu © Lisa-Marie Savard

Community attendant : an example of a transition job

Related to our Community Outreach program promoting harmonious living together in the neighborhood, the Community Attendant can inform tourists about things to do in Montreal and raise awareness to prevent thefts from cars. They also contribute to preserving a clean environment around Accueil Bonneau.

Jobs at accueil Bonneau

Accueil Bonneau offers many transition jobs through its different services.

Awarding certificates

Each year, CREP and Accueil Bonneau award certificates related to the Programme d'intégration socioprofessionnelle (ISP) and recognized special efforts from participants on employment integration programs at Accueil Bonneau. View some photos of the 2015 promotion!