Le Miel de Bonneau

A Social reintegration project

Le Miel de Bonneau is an innovative and creative social reintegration program oriented on developing social and professional skills through the learning and practice or urban beekeeping. Supported by our team, then trained by Alvéole, our beekeeping apprentices work on maintaining beehives, producing and harvesting honey, also taking part in sales and promotional activities. The honey is then sold to finance and help run daily operations. Please share #accueilbonneau #mieldebonneau

Where to buy Miel de Bonneau and support the project

Miel de Bonneau is still available in small quantity (jars of 265g) directly at Accueil Bonneau.

Produced with hope and heart

Le Miel de Bonneau is local, unpasteurized and a 100% pure. Soft, with hints of flowers and mint.

Our honey is available in participating Metro stores and other locations, dates and places to be posted shortly.

Montreal’s community takes care of l’Accueil. L’Accueil takes care of “the guys”. “The guys” take care of the bees. And the bees take care of life… What wonderful interconnectedness!
— Aubin Boudreau, executive director Accueil Bonneau

More than a contribution to social reintegration, Le Miel de Bonneau helps garden pollination throughout the city and overall perennial greening. Urban beekeeping is a concrete solution to the decline of bee colonies in the world.

Learn more about URBAN BEEKEEPING with Alvéole

Survival of bees is important to me. Often mistaken for wasps that are more aggressive, they are maltreated and killed. Without the bees, there would be no flowers, no trees, nature would not be the same. We need to take care of them, just like they take care of us, and I am proud to contribute to that.
— Roger Décarie


We greatly thank Metro and its generous suppliers with whom we have been able to install 40 beehives this season. Metro stores now have rooftops that are buzzing with hope for our guys. Metro is also deeply involved in sales and promotional activities, allowing Le Miel de Bonneau to be on the shelves of its participating stores.


We profoundly thank Alvéole supporting Accueil Bonneau every step of the way with training, producing, harvesting and promoting Le Miel de Bonneau. Your everyday involvement is incredible, this project would not be the same without you. First and foremost, thank you for sharing your passion with our guys, helping them developing hope and self-esteem through urban beekeeping.

Thank you to all donors

Have a taste of le Miel de Bonneau...

Have a taste of Le Miel de Bonneau at local restaurants, ice cream shops, bakeries and pastry shops... Thank you to Les Givrés for helping us in this initiative! 

Maintaining beehives on the rooftop of Accueil Bonneau, at 427 de la Commune East Street

Maintaining beehives on the rooftop of Accueil Bonneau, at 427 de la Commune East Street