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Keys in hand, a roof for all

Towards housing stability and greater autonomy

We provide housing and support services through our medium- and long-term housing solutions, which include our three housing projects, Projet Logement Montréal, and the private rental market.

In 2022

In 2022, 418 individuals left the streets and haven't returned thanks to our social workers.

Each housing project has its purpose

Each of our housing projects has a specific purpose, allowing us to provide personalized support to every resident based on their individual needs and life journey.

from the street to building a future

Maison Claire-Ménard

A transitional housing project with 31 studios, Maison Claire-Ménard is open to individuals 25 years of age and up who have experienced chronic or episodic homelessness and who are willing and committed to working on their social reaffiliation through a variety of activities including volunteering, studies, and employment.

a roof for all

La Maison Eugénie-Bernier

With 52 studios, Maison Eugénie-Bernier is open to individuals experiencing chronic or cyclical homelessness and who are dealing with various problems including mental health problems, drug and substance abuse. There is no limit on how long people can stay at Maison Eugénie-Bernier. This is the first step in the journey toward housing stability.

welcoming seniors

La Maison Joseph-Vincent

With 49 studios, Maison Joseph-Vincent welcomes individuals aged 50 years and up who have physical and mental health issues associated with homelessness. Since residents of Maison Joseph-Vincent have experienced multiple episodes of homelessness throughout their lives, their physical and psychological health are precarious. More than 50% of residents have reduced mobility and will live at Maison Joseph-Vincent until they are transferred to a long-term care centre.


Projet Logement Montréal

Projet logement Montréal (PLM) was launched by Accueil Bonneau, Maison du Père, the Old Brewery Mission, and the Welcome Hall Mission in 2015. The project aims to provide housing stability to people experiencing chronic or episodic homelessness and thus reduce homelessness in Montréal.

Accueil Bonneau was one of the first organizations to offer psychosocial support services along with their housing programs to help people in every aspect of their life and promote social reaffiliation and autonomy. With close to a 90% housing stabilization success rate, this supportive housing approach has proven its effectiveness.

PLM’s objective is to find housing on the island of Montréal that meets the needs of individuals interested in participating in the project. Participants maintain housing stability thanks to personalized psychosocial support services offered in their community.

In 2022

In 2022, our housing team assisted 165 people in finding and maintaining housing as part of PLM.

In 2022

In 2022, 28 people benefitted from this program.

our follow-up program

Support program for sustained, long-term housing stability

First created for people who stayed in one of our three housing projects, our follow-up program aims to ensure those who are ready to live in the community are directed to private or social housing or care centres into the community. Over time, as people achieve greater autonomy, they are referred to external services and supports in their new community.