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“Right from the start, I loved it. Volunteering is a reciprocal relationship and I’ve gained so much from my contact with the people who come to Accueuil Bonneau.”

Ffion Hughes, , volunteer at Accueil

an enriching experience

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Are you someone energetic who wants to get involved, a group of friends looking for something practical you can do to help, or a social or sports club?

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Do you want to contribute to helping us reach our goals?
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Become a Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities for every taste

We offer one-time volunteer opportunities as well as regular volunteer opportunities. You can help us in the kitchen, at the clothing bank, in the dining room, or even during one of our benefit events. And if, following your experience, you would like to volunteer regularly with us, we can set up a schedule based on our needs and your availability.

We look forward to seeing you!

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raising awareness about homelessness with young people

Youth involvement

Is your high school interested in raising awareness about homelessness with your students?

Accueil Bonneau offers a group volunteer experience in our organization. You can schedule a volunteer activity Monday to Friday starting at 8 a.m. The volunteer activity will also include a tour of our organization and a free meal.