Goal of the Challenge

The aim of the Challenge is to raise as much money as possible, individually or as a team, to contribute to the fight against homelessness. The first collective goal is $15,000, and all donations raised during the challenge will go to the Fondation Accueil Bonneau. These funds will be used to help meet the most urgent needs of homeless people in Montreal, who are among the most vulnerable in our society.

How to participate in the Challenge

We recommend that you (1) set yourself a fundraising goal and (2) determine a realistic mileage target for the month of September. Endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, hiking and walking are permitted, as they can be measured by distance covered.

  1. Once you’ve targeted the fundraising goal you’d like to achieve, you’ll need to create your profile – individual or team – on our platform to enter the competition. Once you’ve created your profile, you can use its web link to solicit funds from your network. You can also join an existing team by searching for the team on our platform.
    Link to donation platform:
  2. Once you’ve chosen your endurance sport, you can create a Strava account (if you don’t already have one) and become a member of the “Défi Bonneau Bouge” Club on the app to capture your mileage goals. By downloading the Strava application to your cell phone, you can easily track your goal.
    Joining the Strava group is not mandatory, but it does make you eligible for prizes.

Your fundraiser

The fundraising will take place throughout September 2023. You’ll have the whole month to reach your physical and financial goal. All donations made on the Bonneau Bouge Challenge fundraising platform are eligible for an official tax receipt. Donors will receive an official tax receipt by e-mail within 24 hours of their donation.

How to organize a fundraising campaign

  • Set a goal: Determine how much you want to raise and how far you want to go, and set yourself a realistic target. Make sure your goal is clear and specific.
  • Create your fundraising page: on the Challenge platform, share your story and explain why you’re taking part in this fundraiser. In this post, we recommend you include your goal and your Strava link (if you have one).
  • Share your fundraising page: Use social networks, e-mail, text messages and in-person conversations to share your fundraising page with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Explain your commitment and ask them to support your cause by making a donation.
  • Personalize your message: Make your appeal for donations personal by sharing why this cause is important to you. Explain how donations will help make a difference and support the cause in a tangible way. Let people know that every little donation counts.
  • Involve your network: Encourage your friends and family to spread your message and share your fundraising page with their own contacts. The wider your network, the more likely you are to raise funds.
  • Organize fundraising events: Organize events or activities to raise additional funds. This could include bake sales, movie nights, extra sporting challenges and so on. Involve those around you in these events to increase the impact.
  • Track your progress and thank donors: Keep track of donations received and thank each donor individually. Send them a thank-you note or personalized e-mail to show your gratitude. Continue to share your progress and keep them informed of the impact of their donations.
  • Stay motivated: Fundraising can be a challenge, but don’t forget why you got involved. Keep sharing your story, raising awareness of the cause, and continuing your efforts until you reach your goal.

How do I solicit donations?

  • Make the cause personal: Explain why the fight against homelessness is important to you. Share personal stories or experiences that have made you aware of this issue. Show the positive impact that donations can have on the lives of homeless people.
  • Educate yourself about homelessness issues: Provide factual information about homelessness in your region or across the country. Highlight the challenges faced by homeless people and the importance of ongoing support to provide sustainable solutions.
  • Introduce the beneficiary organization: Introduce Accueil Bonneau. Explain how they provide housing, food, support services and reintegration programs for people experiencing homelessness. Show why their work is essential and how donations can make a real difference.
  • Share success stories: Tell the stories of people who have benefited from Accueil Bonneau’s support. Highlight the positive transformations and successes achieved thanks to their intervention. These touching stories can inspire your contacts to get involved and make a donation. To consult our list of testimonials:
  • Explain how donations are used: Be transparent about how funds raised will be used. Explain how they will help fund housing programs, social support, vocational training, etc. Show how each donation contributes directly to improving the lives of people experiencing homelessness.
  • Use social media and online fundraising platforms: Use social networks to share your message and fundraising page. Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience. Encourage your contacts to share your campaign and invite their own networks to contribute.
  • Hold awareness-raising events: Organize events to raise awareness of homelessness, such as roundtables, conferences or film screenings. Take advantage of these opportunities to inform participants about the fight against homelessness and encourage them to make a donation.
  • Offer regular updates: Keep your contacts informed of fundraising progress and the impact of their donations. Share statistics, testimonials or success stories to show the effectiveness of the fight against homelessness and the value of their support.
  • Express your gratitude: sincerely thank each person who makes a donation and show your appreciation. Send them a personalized message to express your gratitude.

Social media

If you decide to share posts on your social media, we encourage you to tag Accueil Bonneau (@accueilbonneau) on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and use the “hashtag” #BonneauMoves.

The link to the Challenge Strava club:

The fundraising platform is perfect for tracking the Défi’s cash collection, but it’s not designed for accumulating kilometers traveled. So we’ve decided to create a club called Défi Bonneau Bouge on the Strava app, which will collect the number of kilometers you’ve run.

So, if you’d like to keep track of the kilometers you’ve run during the month and share them with us, you’ll need to create a strava account and become a member of the “Défi Bonneau Bouge” club.

As a member of the club, every time you register a sporting activity on the Strava application, it will be added to the club’s activities. We’ll be able to track the number of kilometers you’ve run during the month.

What is Strava?

Strava is a popular fitness tracking application. It allows users to record their workouts, track their progress and share their performances with their network.

Strava also enables users to connect with other athletes, join clubs and share photos and comments on their activities. It’s a popular application offering an engaged and motivating online community for athletes.

What is the ``Défi Bonneau Bouge`` Strava club ?

This club has been created especially for the Challenge, which will take place in September 2023.It provides a virtual space where members can interact, share information, participate in discussions, organize events and motivate each other in their sporting activities.As such, we strongly encourage every participant in the challenge to become a member of the Défi Bonneau Bouge club on Strava, as this will enable us to track the kilometers covered by participants.In addition, a ranking will be automatically accumulated.

To ensure that your sporting activities are included in the club’s results, please make sure that your confidentiality control is set to “Subscribers” or “Everyone”. If it’s set to “You only”, we won’t be able to track your activities.

If you have any technical questions about using Strava, we invite you to go to their support page: or send us an e-mail at .

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