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Corporate Volunteering

Are you interested in promoting volunteering with your employees? Are you looking for activities to reinforce collaboration and engagement?

Corporate volunteering is a smart choice for team building. Volunteer activities are a great way for groups to rally around a cause, help others, and give back to their community.

In addition, corporate volunteering helps build employee confidence, increase productivity, and improve team morale.

The advantages are numerous

Why get involved in corporate volunteering?

There are so many benefits to getting involved in your community. Regardless of the size of your business, giving your employees the opportunity and the means to volunteer really pays off:

Team Building

Volunteering with colleagues gives employees the opportunity to bond, strengthens work teams, and is a great team-building experience.

Creates a sense of belonging

Participating in this collaborative experience creates a sense of belonging and pride in working for a company that gives back to the community.

Attract new talent

Offering employees the opportunity to volunteer also helps attract new talent, especially among millennials.

Develop new skills

Volunteering also helps employees develop new skills, stimulates engagement, and reinforces the confidence of participants.

Corporate volunteering at Accueil Bonneau

Are you a socially engaged company? Do you want to raise awareness about homelessness among your staff?

Accueil Bonneau is happy to welcome your team and provide an enriching and unique volunteer experience. We also look forward to introducing you to the various services we offer.

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Consider making a donation

Many companies also match their volunteering experience with a donation to our organization or a fundraising campaign for our programs.

To learn more, please contact Tristan Badard at or call at 514.845.3906, poste 202.