Bonneau Moves Challenge

The first edition of the Bonneau Moves Challenge to benefit the fight against homelessness

The Bonneau Moves Challenge is a sporting challenge that brings together anyone wishing to perform a range of sporting activities to raise funds for the fight against homelessness. From September 1 to 30, 2023, participants choose their endurance sport(s) and are invited to set a goal of kilometers to be covered and a fundraising goal for the Accueil Bonneau Foundation. The entire amount raised will go directly to the Accueil Bonneau to help Montreal’s most vulnerable population.

Methods of participation

Join the Strava group

We suggest you use the Strava application to track your distance. To be eligible for prizes for the greatest distances covered, please join the Strava club called “Défi Bonneau Bouge” ( To learn more about Strava:

Where will the donations go ?

All donations collected during the Challenge will go to the Fondation Accueil Bonneau. These funds will be used to help meet the most urgent needs of homeless people in Montreal, who are among the most vulnerable in our society.

Your donation could be used to fund

  • Our multidisciplinary health care clinics
  • The distribution of over 150,000 meals a year
  • Our financial management service, which helps participants manage their budgets and their taxes
  • Our new building, which will contain 114 safe and healthy apartments with psychosocial support
  • Other services

By making a donation to Accueil Bonneau, you help hundreds of people escape homelessness.

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