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Become a partner with Accueil Bonneau

Together, let’s end chronic homelessness in Montréal

In the fulfillment of its mission, Accueil Bonneau develops and maintains strategic alliances with partners who are also committed to ending chronic homelessness.

Government institutions, companies, community organizations, foundations, and media are some of our key allies. They provide financial support, donations of goods and services, expertise and outreach opportunities.

A fruitful partnership

Becoming an Accueil Bonneau partner means

Choosing an organization with over 145 years of experience

Supporting high-quality programs and services that help people access housing and reintegrate society

Supporting social reaffiliation and housing stability

Providing healthy, well-balanced meals to the homeless population of Montréal seven days per week

Ensuring people experiencing homelessness can access health services to improve their overall health

We look forward to seeing you!

Over 100,000 people reached by our services each year

Together, let's end chronic homelessness in Montreal

I want to become a partner

If you would like to get involved, please contact Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau, Executive Director, at 514.845.3906, ext. 304 or at .

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