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Planned Giving and Dedicated Funds

Give to a cause you hold dear and let your legacy live on

Planned giving is an opportunity to continue contributing to the cause of ending chronic homelessness in Montreal while ensuring your legacy lives on. Every donation, regardless of the amount, is important for us.

Planned giving is usually set up as part of your financial planning, tax planning, or estate planning and can be done in different ways: bequests, retirement plans and life insurance, each with different tax benefits. Planned giving has a direct impact on supporting Accueil Bonneau’s work long term. It allows us to finance our services by being less affected by economic fluctuations. The administration of planned gifts requires fewer resources and costly fundraising campaigns, thus maximizing your gift. A planned gift can take effect immediately, or in the future. It must take into account the donor’s goals, and personal, family, and fiscal situation.

A planned gift can take effect now or in the future. It should take into account the donor's goals, personal, family and tax situation.

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The Accueil Bonneau Foundation has a specialist who can answer all your questions and guide you in planning your gift. They can also refer you to a professional if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at 514.845.3906 (ext. 310) or write to .