Are you a high school looking to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness among your students in order to get them involved? Accueil Bonneau offers you the meal service experience. We welcome you from Monday to Friday starting at 8 a.m. You’ll get a tour of our facilities and a free meal.


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Collège Saint-Sacrement students contribute to Accueil Bonneau’s cause

As part of their business management course, grade 11 students at Collège Saint-Sacrement in Terrebonne teamed up with the company ROBIN DES BAS to create a social economy project for the community. By learning the basics in business management, they were able to sell socks while respecting the company’s values: for each pair sold, one pair was donated to Accueil Bonneau.They also gave all of their profits back to Accueil Bonneau.

Congratulations to: Charlie Brassard, Alexia Roy, Alice Bérubé, Maggie Bourassa et Xavier Huang!