Volunteering at Accueil Bonneau is a highly enriching and rewarding experience. Every day through our actions, we help reduce homelessness and offer a better life to those facing this situation. Fortunately, Accueil Bonneau can count on the hard work and generosity of its volunteers to meet the following needs:

Dining room

Every day, we serve approximately 700 meals in our dining room. On top of helping with meal service preparations, our volunteers serve meals, wash dishes, coordinate meals and maintain the premises. They have a direct contact with the Accueil Bonneau clientele and greet them with compassion and dignity.

Clothing bank

Each year, the clothing bank team distributes over 60,000 articles of clothing and a wide variety of accessories and basic necessities to those in need. Working as a volunteer at the clothing bank is a highly rewarding way to develop direct and genuine connections with the Accueil Bonneau clientele.

Barber shop

Are you a student, active in the industry or retired? Accueil Bonneau welcomes you! We need your hairdressing talent to give our guys a fresh look. After a warm shower, a simple wash and trim can give a great deal of confidence back to these men who are far too often marginalized.

Shoe repair service

The footwear parts we receive must be restored in order to ensure that our clients have warm and dry feet. Any volunteers who are skilled with their hands or possess shoemaking skills are always much needed!


Accueil Bonneau is always looking for competent and compassionate individuals to greet its clientele and visitors. If you feel you are a good fit for our Day Centre waiting room, contact us!

Did you know that at Accueil Bonneau, several volunteers come back on a weekly basis, and have continued to do so for over 10 years?

Our team of volunteers is essential in order for Accueil Bonneau to function properly. That’s why we honour and acknowledge the generosity of everyone who gives their time to our cause. As a volunteer, you will have a task to carry out, but you also must greet the homeless with compassion and a smile.

Please fill out and return the volunteer request form that applies to you: (personal, corporate or youth) by clicking on the image of your choice at the top of the page.

The Accueil Bonneau family thanks you for your commitment to the cause!