Community Outreach

Aware that the presence of homeless people can have an impact on the neighbourhood surrounding the Accueil Bonneau, our community workers are present on site as mediators and consciousness-raising agents to promote harmonious living together of all the people in the neighbourhood.

We are on guard...

Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to noon

You may contact us at 514.245.2292 if you need information or assistance from our community outreach team.

Remarkable results

Since the summer of 2011, there have been important changes in our neighbourhood. Accueil Bonneau has joined with partners who are sensitive to the issue of the homeless, in an effort to promote a safe and respectful environment for Accueil Bonneau, local residents and commercial dwellers along the waterfront as well as visitors.

A decrease in acts, such as alcohol consumption, drug-abuse and loitering that could disturb the tranquility in the neighbourhood, has been observed.

Thanks to you, there is a much more harmonious living environment with Accueil Bonneau in the neighborhood. We are grateful to the people who come to Accueil Bonneau while collaborating with Intervention de Milieu. 

Area where we are in action

Area where we are in action

Our partners in action

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The Newletter «Juste Milieu» gives a scope of our activities.

Download the edition of Summer 2015.

We were awarded the
Prix d'excellence du MSSS category "Partenariats"
for this program.