Our mission: to welcome any homeless person or anyone who is at risk of homelessness by daily journeying with that person in responding to his basic needs and helping him achieve a better quality of life and well-being, towards social reintegration and residential stability.

A Word from the director

Photo credit: Luc Lauzière

Photo credit: Luc Lauzière

My first day at the Accueil Bonneau will remain forever etched in my memory. As I was on my way to the Accueil, I was approached by a homeless man who asked me for a cigarette. Almost for once regretting that I do not smoke, I told him I didn’t have any. The temperature was close to minus 20 degrees Celsius, but he had only slippers full of holes on this feet. I told him he would be able to get some winter boots at the Accueil Bonneau. He told me he knew that. He asked me politely if I was going to the Accueil Bonneau. I replied that I was going to work there and it was my first day on the job. He said, “You’ll see. You’ll like it there. Bonneau is a really good place!”

He was right. Bonneau is a loving place where the word accueil (welcome) carries its full meaning. More than 800 guys and gals come there each day. They come to be fed, clothed, and, without saying it or even knowing it, to be loved. With time, they allow themselves to be won over by our generous volunteers who welcome them with respect, and they begin to trust our community workers who instil hope in them and help them to grow.

With the passing of time, our “guys and gals”, as we call them at Bonneau, begin to frequent our day centre and socialize with others. They establish ties with our community workers and gradually accept help and guidance. We help them with their budget, their efforts to get access to social services, and their requests for therapy and detoxification. We offer them lodging in our studio apartments, and we help them to find work or return to school. In short, we assist them in getting where they would like to be in order to improve their life situation to the best of their ability and in their interest.

For some, this can be done quickly; for others, it is slow, sometimes very slow. But for someone who has lost everything, from a place to live to self-esteem, every step forward, however small, is important and ought to be encouraged. At the Accueil Bonneau, with our 135 years of experience, we know how to be patient and remain confident all the time.

That’s the Accueil. And as “our guys” themselves say, “Bonneau is a really good place!”

Thanks to all of you who are contributing in one way or another!

Aubin Boudreau
Executive Director

The board

Mrs. Nathalie Hamel, administrator
Mr. Luc Harvey, administrator
Mrs. Andrée Lafleur, administrator
Mrs. Zeïneb Mellouli, administrator
Mr. Richard Pruneau, administrator
Mr. Aubin Boudreau, executive director

Mrs. Irène Marcheterre, president
Mr. Claude Vigneault, vice-president
Mr. Jonathan Allard, treasurer
Mr. Peter W. Hart, secretary

Mr. Robert Dutton, administrator
Mrs. Chantal Fortin, administrator

our values

Our values are beacons, guiding lights to direct our individual behaviour and our community outreach. They have to be daily known, understood, shared, and put into action by everyone.

Being welcoming
is at the heart of our organization’s identity. It illustrates our great openness to listening without judging to individual people as they express their needs, and in developing a pleasant, safe, and secure environment. This welcoming of the individual is unconditional from the moment he or she arrives at our organization. Still, the services that we provide to the individual are offered within a context that requires respect for rules. These rules are necessary to help the individual respond to his or her basic needs and to work, if he or she wishes to do so, to achieve greater autonomy.

in the relations between our staff and our clients ensures attention to the dignity of each person.

involves being sensitive to the suffering of each person so that he or she feels spontaneously that he or she is being listened to, understood, and is being welcomed in order to be assisted.

involves humbly recognizing the limits of our strength as well as that of others and includes accepting uncertainty and risk even while encouraging change.

means to break down the barriers of loneliness through collaborative work, assistance, and mutual aid, and a community spirit that cultivates a sense of belonging but also of ultimately assuming the role of a responsible citizen.

Our goals


  • to ensure that the Accueil Bonneau’s values are embodied every day by everyone;
  • to contribute by responding to the basic needs of the people who come to the Accueil Bonneau;
  • to support in them the ability to take charge of their lives and to support their autonomy;
  • to create in them a sense of belonging and solidarity;
  • to improve their self-esteem;
  • to contribute to their social reintegration and their civic responsibility;
  • to improve their quality of life.

Engaged in our community

  • Member and administrator of Réseau d'aide pour personnes seules et itinérantes de Montréal (RAPSIM)
  • Member of Comité logement du RAPSIM
  • Member of Mouvement pour mettre fin à l'itinérance (MMFIM)
  • Member of Réseau solidarité itinérance du Québec (RSIQ)
  • Member of Fédération des OSBL d'habitation de Montréal (FOHM)
  • Member of Regroupement intersectoriel des organismes communautaires de Montréal (RIOCM)
  • Member of Réseau alternatif et communautaire des organismes en santé mentale de Montréal (RACOR)

ACTIVITY report 2017

As you read this report, you will see how much constant innovation takes place at Accueil Bonneau, all in order to offer adapted solutions that promote sustainable social reintegration and residential stability, and with a constant concern for optimization of resources.

Download Rapport annuel 2017